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Ghat-e-Ara co. (GACO) Organization Chart:

The organizational chart can be defined as the rational, conscious and institutionalized arrangement of the division of labour.
Hierarchical level of GACO has been shown from top to bottom. The tendency towards the reduction of the hierarchical levels in organizations has been established, along with the establishment of flexible forms of organization.
At the top of organization board of directors consist of Mr. Mehrdad Sami and Mr. Ali Miraghazadeh and Mr. Mehradad Sami is responsible for managing director position. Management representative, counsellors, and committees is supporting arm of managing directors in technical and systematical issues.
  • Management Representative: Top management shall appoint a member of management in position of Management Representative, irrespective of other responsibility and authority that includes:
    1. Ensuring that processes needed for the quality management system are established implemented and maintained.
    2. Reporting to top management on the performance of the quality management system and any need for improvement.
    3. Ensuring the program of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.
  • Counsellors box is an indirect box which is appearing according the requirements of company.
  • Committees is a special box which is forming by executive managers and effective personnel, in order to approving some regulars, solving company‚Äôs problems, and take an corrective action or improvement action such a cross functional team(CFT).
  • Production manager has responsibility of managing production staff, check the efficiency of them, and preventive and predictive maintenance of production equipment.
  • Quality control manager is responsible for production quality during the process and measuring quality by hardware (Micrometer, control gage, calliper, etc.) and software (such as SPC,MSA, QFD, etc.) quality tools. It is possible by supervising inspectors and auditing suppliers.
  • Programming manager is making superior link between production department and customer, in other hand it is playing a role of heart in human body. Adjusting customer order by controlling inventory level and production statistics; puling from production department and supporting production by superior procurement is the role of this heart.
  • Financial and Official department calculate pay roll and financial issue in company. By budgeting plan and calculating cost of quality (COQ); it is balancing between financial recourses and quality activities.
  • Business Development scanning to finding new project in order to expanding company opportunity and using core competency for competition.
Ghat-e-Ara co. Organization Chart
Ghat-e-Ara co. Organization Chart

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